So despite being that funny symbol on the phone pad, what do Hashtags actually do?

When using a social media platform like Instagram, Hashtags group your posts together and link them to a keyword thus making your post discoverable forever!

Instagram feeds move at a rapid pace, and any posts without a Hashtag has an extremely short shelf life.

Using the RIGHT hashtags will increase your discoverability and grow your account organically.

Ok, so how do we achieve an amazing following?

Use amazing visuals – great photos and pictures are everything!

  • Don’t go crazy with Hashtags in your caption – captions are for writing content. #using #too #many #hashtags #makes #your #caption #look #spammy #and #too #salsey. #stop #it.

  • Keep your Hashtags limited to a maximum of 4 in your caption, as it has been shown that engagement geos DOWN on posts with more than 5 Hashtags.

  • THEN post up to 30 Hashtags in your comments section, as a comment – go for it! This will still group your post to others linked with the same hashtag.

  • Use the right hashtags for your post. For example – if you are selling hand made home décor items, don’t use #etsyshop or #handmadedecor – your target audience isn’t searching for these tags. Think of what your target audience is searching for and use these Hashtags instead #madewithlove #handmadequilt #knittedthrow #handmadefabric #madeforyou – you get the idea. Using the right Hashtags will organically grow your audience. What would your target audience be searching for?

Posting amazing visuals and the right Hashtags can result is more engagement from followers giving your the ultimate Instagram success package!