Until now, managing proposals has been a tedious, painful chore. Proposify changes all that. It revolutionises the entire process, from creation to close and every deal-closing moment in between.

Proposify is online business proposal software that gives your sales team the competitive edge, by bringing all your proposal assets including video into the one place. Which means your proposals impress instantly.

When it comes to delivering a proposal for a potentially big deal, you can’t afford any delays. Proposify makes creating proposals fast and efficient, bringing control, consistency, collaboration, and calm to your whole process.

No more hunting for past content – Organise all your case studies, fees, sections, and bios into one library so snapping together proposals takes minutes and everyone on your team has access no matter where they are. You can tag, group, and search content to make creating proposals quick and simple.

Say goodbye to find and replace – The variables feature automatically swaps out your client’s name and other specifics relevant to each proposal so you never need to worry about accidentally including the wrong client name! Plus, custom fields saves you time from manually entering all your proposal particulars – just fill out the details and it populates your proposal.

Your Mission? Close the Deal. Your Secret Weapon?

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