Twitter is one of those social media sites that can work well for many businesses, but marketing and engagement on the platform isn’t as simple as other platforms out there. It can certainly be time-consuming writing and sharing posts and links, replying to comments and monitoring the conversations in your community. 

This is where is really making things easy for businesses who do find their audience on Twitter. But what is it? can really be described as a relationship management tool. It tracks major interactions on Twitter allowing you to nurture any valuable leads and increase engagement. It is one of the few tools that support relationship management via social media and can really bring into focus how your community uses Twitter. 

What Can I Do With

There is plenty that this tool allows you to do including:

  • Seeing all your mentions in one place
  • Build relationships with your audience and engage new audiences
  • Share content and tweets
  • Engage your leads 
  • Find your optimal post times and send your posts at those times
  • Download analytics reports to keep you on top of your game Plans

One of the downsides to many relationship management tools is that they don’t provide enough information without spending a lot of money. is different – it’s affordable and gives you plenty of information. 

The free package is a good starter to see if the tool works well for you, covering one profile and up to 10 weekly engagements. The corporate package allows up to 12 social profiles, 400 engagements, access for 14 team members and plenty of unlimited features. 

Struggling to get engagement on Twitter? With the ability to prioritise the time you spend on your Twitter activity, finding valuable and engaged people and knowing who to follow, may give you the extra push you need to find value in Twitter again. 

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