I’ve been thinking about this idea of exploring the edge of experience. Growth is trying new things, exploring aspects of yourself as yet unknown, striving for new levels of performance and results not yet achieved.

Adventure in to the unknown requires deep commitment, profound courage, and a centered core. And you can’t do that without a full tank of mojo!

Mojo is energy. It’s our joie de vivre. It’s the bright spark that lights us up. When our mojo tank is full, we laugh easily, our eyes twinkle, we have a strong sense of curiosity and are anchored always in compassion.

Mojo needs diligent care. This means we need to prioritise ourselves first. This is not selfish, but self-full. When we are self-full, we overflow with joy, energy, love. We become radiant suns, not a dim shade. People are attracted to us because we overflow with joy.

Things that rob us of mojo

Mojo is a renewable resource, but it can easily take a hit. Mojo has a physical component: what we eat and drink can nourish or poison. We know already what depletes: alcohol, caffeine, processed foods, cigarettes, lack of sleep, too much screen time.

Mojo has an emotional aspect too: there are people in our network who sap our mojo through negativity, criticism, and drama. The family member that drops the occasional comment like a dagger through our soft underbelly. Or the cyber stalker who belittles our work. Or a friend who criticises out of spite and jealousy.

Spiritually, we can let our unfulfilled dreams, fears, and limiting beliefs keep us tethered to a smaller self. This is the most damaging blow to our mojo.

How to boost mojo

It’s making simple choices about what we are putting in our bodies. Stop before the next bite or sip, and ask, ‘Is this nourishing or poisoning me?’

Emotionally, seek out people who care for you and have your back. People who accept you as you are, and hold the highest version of you in their hearts and minds. Laugh more – watch funny movies, dance in the supermarket aisles, play with a puppy. For me, I love to get outside and bask in nature. Baking delicious healthy treats gives me a sense of creativity and accomplishment (not to mention tasty satisfaction!)  It’s about delight in the small moments of daily life.

Spiritually, inward focus helps us expand. Be curious about yourself: how you think, how you feel, how you create meaning from your experiences. Explore more of you might become if you went beyond borders of expectations and limitations. Doodle. Journal. Meditate. Play.

How do you boost and maintain mojo? What is currently depleting your mojo? What is this costing you? What might you change to help yourself become self-full?