Aren’t some women fantastic?

They have it all figured out. They have neat, tidy houses, beautifully-dressed, well-mannered kids, and always seem to be well put together, calm and in control. In comparison, you feel constantly rushed, scattered and disorganised. There are countless household chores waiting for your attention.  A million things you need to complete. And you never have enough time or energy to get it all done.  So what can you do to overcome this? How can you get some order and organisation back into your life?

Procrastination is your enemy

Well to start with, you can stop procrastinating.

What does this mean? The Oxford dictionary defines procrastination as: “The action of delaying or postponing something”. And doesn’t that say it all! I am sure that most of us have been guilty of doing this at some time or another.

But why do we do this? Why do we procrastinate about things? And what sort of things do we usually find ourselves procrastinating about?  

Procrastination usually rears it’s ugly head when we are fearful of something or need to deal with a task that is low on our priority list. Maybe we view it as a chore. It may be something that has to be done, but we really don’t want to actually do it, because it is boring, difficult, maybe uncomfortable…

It could be time consuming. And it probably either has no deadline, or a very loose one. So there is no set timeframe that it needs to be completed in. Consequently there is no sense of urgency.

When this is the case, this task will continually be relegated to the bottom of your “to-do” list. Rather than knock it on the head and simply get it done and dusted, you will put it to the back of your mind and allow any newer, maybe more exciting tasks or opportunities, which will produce more tangible, faster and more exciting results to be front of mind.  And these will then be given a much higher position on your agenda.

But you will always have these unpleasant, tedious or uncomfortable tasks looming. Constantly nagging at your subconscious.

For example, say you have an important call to make. This may be something that will have a big impact on your family or business, but is scary. Maybe you need to call someone to tell them you can’t attend their event, maybe you have to say no to something. Maybe you have to deliver unpleasant news. Or you may even have an exciting call to make, but are extremely nervous about it’s outcome. So you procrastinate. You find a million different reasons and excuses which prevent you from doing it.

Stop right there!  Instead of putting it off and simply delaying the inevitable, do it first thing in the morning, at the start of your day. Rather than have it hanging over your head all day, it will be done, dealt with, and you can move on.  This is a fantastic concept to apply to any task.

Just do it! 

So, rather than waiting until the last minute, like a lazy student who waits until the night before to complete a huge assignment or study for a test, do it ASAP, get it out the way, and you will also then find yourself open to any new exciting opportunity that comes along. You will have no “chore baggage”, but will be able to really take advantage and be flexible about opportunities if you keep up to date with things.

So as much as possible, banish procrastination from your life. Replace it with the positive attitude of “just do it”, and watch your productivity soar. You will feel in control of your life, and can accomplish anything without the limitations of excuses and procrastination to hold you back.

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