It doesn’t matter how great your service or offering is if you are not grabbing the attention of your clients. No matter if you are a large business exhibiting at a conference or small business selling products at a local market. An impressive banner can be the most effective means to attracting a high level of crowds.

Below are 4 tips to help you create the ultimate banner for your business.

What kind of banner material should I use?

Most custom banners are made of vinyl as it is budget-friendly, light-weight which makes them convenient to use and are portable. Vinyl is customizable and can be altered to suit any location alongside having the ability to be rolled for easy storage. They can also be fitted to a banner stand for portable and effective display at events.

Where will your banner be located?

First things first, before considering your design and layout you should be thinking about how you will use the banner. Will it need to be moved across multiple locations or is it just for events and exhibitions? This will help you to decide how your layout will appear.

For example, if your banner is on display at an exhibition you’ll want to be focusing on more visual elements to capture attention and minimal text to ensure that important information is at the forefront for a passerby who may not intend on stopping. You should also use a banner stand, more commonly called a ‘Pull Up Banner’ as they are a fantastic resource for exhibitors at trade shows, making it easy to erect and disassemble signs quickly.

If your banner is going to be placed in a fixed, permanent location like inside a shop, you will be able to use more text as the aim of the banner will be to educate visitors in your space.

Ensure your sign is simple and attention getting

With a large-scale sign, it can be tempting to place as much information as possible in the space. Do not do this. It will only result in a cluttered sign that will be sure to confuse potential customers. Use the good old fashion rule of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) in this case.

Ensure your logo is placed at the top of your banner, along with a core message. This is especially important when you are using banner stands. The core message needs to be displayed at eye level as that is where a customer will first look. Also, think left to right as when consumers approach a banner they will automatically read top to bottom. Taking these two rules on board when designing will help you to get your message across in a simple and concise manner.

Ensure you have a clear call to action

By adding a call to action to your banner you are helping to promote positive actions from your potential clients. You’ll want to make it clear what the customer needs to do in order to precede with whatever it is that you are offering.

The call to action should be memorable and succinct, perhaps and easy to remember URL (take advantage of websites like who allow you to shorten and personalize urls) or a phone number. Many companies use QR codes to direct customers to relevant websites. QR codes are matrix codes that can be read by phones using software and they make an easy option for directing customers to your website or promotional page.  Instructions on how to make a QR code can be found here.

With these tips in hand you should be ready to create an effective, eye-catching banner – goodluck!