When advertising your business, you need to make a good and strong first impression if you want to capture the attention of potential customers. Undoubtedly one the most effective ways to do this is by using vehicle wraps. Wraps are visually striking and therefore a memorable way to advertise. A key aspect of wraps is that they are versatile and can be used on almost all types of vehicles. Apart from that, they are also a great branding and marketing tool that works wonders when used correctly.

Here are some benefits to advertising your business using car wraps:


Brightly coloured and attractive car wraps can help make your fleet of company cars stand out on the road. Most road users rarely pay any attention to company vehicles that don’t command a presence on the road. As such, if all your company vans are all white and basic, chances are you won’t be spotted by anybody. However, when a vehicle is covered with a unique and attention-catching wrap, its chances of being noticed increase tenfold. As long as the wraps on your business cars are applied well and have a great design, people on the road are going to notice you.

They Increase Your Reach

Depending on the number of company vehicles you own, how often they are driven, and the distance they travel each day, it is possible for you to reach anywhere from 10,000 to 100,000 or even more people every month. 

Compared to other types of advertising, vehicle wraps allow you to reach a far bigger audience and have helped some businesses gain more new customers than they would otherwise.

They are Mobile

A vehicle that’s been wrapped is always in the direct line of sight of thousands of potential customers each day as long as it’s on the road. Considering that most people are out and about running errands and working, it’s easier for you to be spotted through a car wrap than it is waiting for customers to visit your company’s website through a search engine or a commercial on TV. 

Zena Fares runs a rubbish removal service, and she says that wrapping her vehicle was the best thing she could have done. “For a business that always goes out to the client’s site, we’re constantly on the move. It means that our best way of advertising is making ourselves visible while we’re out and about, because we just simply don’t have a lot of time between jobs.”


Most forms of advertising come with a consistent and recurring cost that has to be paid every month. But that is not the case with car wraps. The good thing about wraps is that you can change them to suit your budget and needs. Chances are that the amount you’d spend to have your company vehicles wrapped will be lower than what you’d spend on other types of campaigns while generating results for years to come.

Local Advertising

Vehicle wrap advertising is highly targeted considering that you are reaching out to a localised market. Most of the people who see your vehicles are individuals who live within your locality.

For Karl Ammoun, an air conditioning specialist, his clientele grew rapidly after getting his company van wrapped. “In today’s society, you have to stand out from a big crowd in order to get noticed, and the same applies for advertising your business. Having a vehicle wrap that captures attention is honestly the best all-round option, and everyone in your local area treats you almost like a celebrity sometimes.”

There are great marketing benefits locally since most consumers prefer dealing with businesses that are near them.


Most car wraps are made of vinyl, a robust material that can help protect a car’s body from scratches and small dents caused by debris on the road. The good thing about vinyl wraps is that they can be easily removed without damaging a car’s original paint. As such, you can trust that your company vehicles will still be in great condition when it’s time to move them on.

Apart from additional advertising expenses, there aren’t any real downsides to using car wraps to market your business. Most of the people who use car wraps to advertise their businesses find that they recoup their initial advertising expenses within a short time due to the amount of exposure their vehicles cause. If you are currently looking for ways to stand out from your competition and reach more people, car wraps are a great way to increase exposure and be more visible.