Your body is the linchpin of everything that you do.

If you want to have more energy, more focus and more confidence in your business, then you need to be optimizing your body for business success. In this webinar Alex be sharing the EXACT, step-by-step game plan that he uses to help his clients massively improve their own health and fitness. We’ll be diving into exercise programs, diets and nutrition, goal setting and how to personalize everything to work best for YOU as an individual.

Alex will join Linda to share tips on:

How to find exercise programs that are right for them (even if they’re insanely busy) The types and amounts of foods to eat to optimize your health How to set long-term health and fitness goals and ACTUALLY accomplish them

Meet Alex:

Over the past 7 years Alex Parry has helped dozens of business owners and entrepreneurs build great looking and high performing bodies that support their personal and professional success. He holds a BA from the University of Oxford and an MSc from Leeds Beckett. Alongside his business he has provided fitness coaching for elite athletes across a variety of sports and has worked as a tutor/educator for British Weightlifting. He’s also happily married to his school sweetheart, recently adopted a cat, and tries to teach himself to play the piano.”