I met with ‘Amanda’. Her main challenge for the week was, “How do I make room for the Big Rocks? I just can’t seem to make it to the things that really matter.”

All leaders I work with crash in to this one barrier: their own physical limitations. All of them are completely committed to their work, and work hard to achieve goals. Too hard. They often sacrifice their own health to get the job done. Stress, poor sleep, poor nutrition. It all takes a hit.

If we are going to make a massive impact, truly implement transformational leadership, there are two things to consider here.

  1. Limitations
  2. Leverage Points


  • We need to be absolutely committed to OPTIMISE our limitations.
  • We optimise the limitation of TIME with productivity strategies.
  • We optimise the limitation of SLEEP with routines and environments.
  • We optimise the limitation of FOCUS with conscious, selective attention.
  • We optimise the limitation of HEALTH with nutrition, gut health, and exercise.

Leverage Points

This is where most leaders miss the boat to extend their vision and commitment. It takes dedication and a long term view.

Here are 7 leverage points to consider:

Leverage Point.jpg

In working with Amanda and other leaders, we had to focus on OPTIMISATION strategies before we could even touch the AMPLIFY strategies. If we don’t have the energy to focus on the little things, we certainly won’t have them for the big things!

How about you? How are you doing with your optimise strategies? Have you got these handled or still need improvement? How about the amplify strategies? Which ones will make the biggest difference to your leadership and influence?

These are the fundamentals we will take a deep dive on during the Edge of Leadership UnConference March 21-22, 2019.