Nowadays we know we need to engage our online audience, but how do we do it. We are lucky to have had Kara Lambert joining us to share with us tips on how!

Kara is determined to educate businesses how to connect to their audience & staff with purpose and effect. She educates her audience on how aligning what motivates business owners, businesses, and audiences makes sense online, offline, & financially.

In this session you will learn:

– what psychologists know about engaging an online audience
– what psychologists know happens to our brains when we’re engaged online
– how to make the most of this research (including what not to do)


Kara has also kindly created a Checklist for you to Learn How To Engage Your Customers Online & Offline

An engaging speaker, Kara’s in depth understanding of psychology is married with her practical experience in Management & Business. Kara’s interest began in the workforce & is reinforced by industry research in psychology. KARA’S ABILITY TO FOCUS ON SOCIAL MEDIA Kara takes a strategic approach to client-centred social media, and the customer journey. She has an acute understanding of why client avatars don’t work.

Kara’s knowledge of psychology in business is readily applied across communication platforms for all stakeholders (staff, customers, suppliers).

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