The new age of technology can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to selecting the right tools to suit your coaching business. After all we’re spoiled for choice with appointment apps, social networking sites and even your own business website that could all use some attention.

Here’s the shortlist of the best tech tools to help you build a network, hone your identity and manage your business.


Arguably the most important asset any coach can build is their professional image and this starts with your own website or Facebook page. Your online image should reflect the reputable nature of your business and clearly outline the services/expertise you provide.

Regardless of how slick your page is, a key to building interest is keeping it current. This includes providing regular tips, blogs and relevant posts, along with any testimonials clients wish to share.

Not only does this show your business is professionally operating, it keeps people coming back for more and helps establish you as an authority in the industry.


As any coach would be aware, business is all about the network, which means establishing your own online is essential. Tools such as LinkedIn are a great way to build your profile, highlighting your experience, successful projects and current role.

Again it’s about keeping your profile current, by regularly linking with other parties and adding recent information.

Meanwhile, online industry forums are another way to illustrate your expertise. Sites like The Coaching Circle allow mentors to highlight their skills and share tips and resources, while becoming a member of an industry body builds your credibility.

Business management

Time and information management are critical to a successful coaching business, along with schedules for customer interaction.

There are a host of great task and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) apps to assist this process, reminding you when things need to be done, when to contact people and providing facilities for bulk or individual marketing emails.  

Among the standouts are Insightly for task management, MailChimp for marketing and cloud based file sites like Google drive and Office 365 for document sharing. These are just a few of a bevy of resources available depending on your preferred operating system and style.

Many of these can also be interlinked with your smart phone allowing you to schedule, update and view files on the go.

The final word

How much or how little you use technology depends on your personal comfort level and preferences, but with so much available there is destined to be something that makes operating your coaching business a whole lot easier.

The truth of the matter is this is the digital age so make use of the tech tools at your disposal, because your clients sure will when it comes to seeking you out.

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