In this ever-changing business landscape, it has never been more important to connect with the right people to build trusted and profitable relationships.

Quite possibly you have wasted a lot of time attending business networking events. Most likely you are unclear of your purpose, lack a strategy and are unsure how to achieve your desired outcome.

Join Linda and Kerryn Powell founder of The Network Catalyst and Your Time Matters as she shares the 3 essential steps you must take to connect to convert and also gain some fresh ideas on how to get your conversations started!

When you are clear on the purpose of your conversations and the necessary steps to create your networking strategy you will find you can generate leads and sales with more ease and enjoy talking to strangers. It has never been so important to recognise the true value of your conversations in opening up opportunities to build trusted and profitable relationships .

What You’ll Learn:

– Recognise that you do not have to be at a networking event to generate leads and sales.

– Learn to uncover opportunities by asking better questions.

– Understand the importance of the very first conversation.

– The three essential steps you need to connect and convert.

Meet Kerryn:

For thirty years Kerryn has been working as a catalyst for change. Kerryn believes relationships are the key to achieving growth, and relationships grow from conversations that build mutual understanding and trust.
Kerryn is The Network Catalyst and founder of Your Time Matters where she has assisted business owners and professionals to have rewarding conversations for over eight years.

Focused on transforming and enriching lives, Kerryn provides opportunities for individuals and organisations to forge connections that amplify and inspire people in business and life to experience the power and endless potential of networking .

Kerryn has no doubt that knows that networking is a life skill that we all need both personally and professionally. She says “ Relationships are key, and conversations open doors.”

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