Being a business owner is one of the most taxing things that anyone can put on their body. The stress! The meetings! The constant drive to get things done… etc.

And when you are sick, there is still always work to be done.

One of the hardest things to do is take care of ourselves so we can get things done.

Here are the top 5 Ways to Increase Your Immunity Now, or if it’s too late – stop you from staying sick.  to stop you from getting sick.

Don’t believe the potions!

There are so many pills and potions available that promise the world when it comes to immune challenges, yet the common cold is still very common and very hard to eradicate.  With all the medications sold to treat the viruses, you would think there would not be any!

Build your immunity up

Your immune system is the lynchpin to everything and should be the key focus each and every day to develop well-being and it should not be costly, particularly in the world we live in today with every aspect of our life more costly.

Avoid the fake promises and actually STOP

Remember those ads where that continued to tell us to work and be in action a military stance and continue on with our life? ‘Soldier on’ was the catch cry from advertising agencies, encouraging folks to take a pill and continue on with their day. Of course, never mention you are spreading your virus. Remember lockdowns, let’s don’t do them again – okay?

This suggestion borders on absolute stupidity as people drag themselves to work and spread their germs around offices that are often air-conditioned assisting the critters to invade many people all in one hit.  Of course, you should be commended for wanting to continue to put in and not leave it up to your mates to hold the fort, however, once viruses take hold they spread like wildfire.

If you support your immune system you may be able to swerve away from the invaders and miss them altogether. The following pointers may be of assistance to help your immune system to go into attack mode and protect you.

Fruit and vegetables

Nutrition plays a vital role in supporting the immune system and not only is it important to consider what to eat, but it is also equally important to consider what NOT to eat.

Food to activate and defend you or food that allows the critters to attack and invade you, leaving a shattered mess in their wake is to be considered.

The formula that has worked for me in the clinic for over 40 years is based on sound principles:

  • Hydrate the body by sipping water across the day
  • Reduce processed sugars and wheat products
  • Include citrus including oranges, lemons, grapefruit
  • Include apples, carrots and kiwi fruit as they are powerhouses to support the immune system
  • Include onion, chilli, ginger and leafy green vegetables as they are particularly fantastic.

Carry the trusty old wet ones – and use hand sanitiser

Carry wet ones that have been soaked in pure eucalyptus oil and breathe the aroma of the eucalyptus oil, wipe your hands with the wet ones and wipe over all areas that have been touched by humans, particularly the germy ones that are spreading their germs around. If anyone coughs in your presence then get a wet one, breathe in the eucalyptus oil, then blow your nose and then discard the used wet one. Use 1 teaspoon in a medium-sized container.

When out and about, in particular where there are large numbers of people, carry your soaked wet ones in a zip lock bag (one of the world’s best inventions) and use them to breathe the eucalyptus and then keep hands clean and wipe all areas where you may touch what other people have touched.

Use hot soapy water to keep your hands clean. This is very important, simple, in fact so simple it is constantly overlooked.

So there you have it, short and straight-to-the-point messages to help your immune system stay in pristine condition. You may not be able to avoid viruses altogether, and if it’s too late – get your body into recovery mode quickly.