This time Mike is going to show us how to add Call to Actions with every link we share – how cool is that!

In this webinar with Micheal we will cover:

  • How to add a Call-to-Action to every link you share, allowing you to engage with your followers as they are clicking through your shared links
  • How to increase brand awareness through content curation by providing a unique browsing experience for your followers
  • How to access deeper analytics and build retargeting audiences by sharing third party contentThis is a great opportunity for us all to learn from Micheal himself how to best use Sniply to market our businesses.

Michael is one of the cofounders of Sniply, and along with his team, he has been dedicating his time to bringing new technologies into the marketing world. They introduced a new way to share links with the release of Sniply in 2013, and recently launched Lumen5, an A.I. driven video creation platform.

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