Whether you are running a course, or simply need a calendar to book in meetings and appointments with clients, having a tool that sits directly on your website make the process a lot easier – clients can book in with you directly at any time of the day or night, you get notification of their booking, and reminders are automatically sent out. 

For those creating courses, tools like Acuity let you set up an appointment calendar within your course, allowing participants to book in when they get to certain sections of your course. This gives them the opportunity to set a time to speak with you at the right points to ensure they are on track. 

There are a few great tools that can help you schedule your clients meetings, let’s take a look at just three. 


Acuity is an online on-time scheduling tool that allows clients to clearly see your real-time availability and schedule their own appointments. But it isn’t just a scheduling tool that  you can pop onto your website or in the middle of your course. Acuity offers a range of services including:

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Payments via Stripe, Square or Paypal 
  • Ability to offer gift certificates, memberships, packages and group classes
  • Send customised reminder emails and texts automatically
  • Set up video conferencing integrations so you can meet with clients wherever you or they are

Acuity answers the three biggest issues when scheduling appointments with clients: your availability and finding time that suits both parties, organising your schedule and allowing for cancellations and rescheduling, and organising client information for your meeting. If you have more than one staff member who can meet with clients, Acuity allows you to easily manage multiple employees and clients right from the one calendar. 

An extremely affordable option for small and large businesses alike. 

Book Like a Boss

Book Like a Boss is another booking scheduler with a focus towards closing sales. There are plenty of design options that allow you to fit this scheduling tool in with your brand, with the ability to both embed it directly into your website or to send a link directly to clients. 

Book Like a Boss is simple to set up, and you can start taking meeting bookings and paid bookings, as well as selling digital products within 15 minutes. 

An issue that many business owners come across is that many appointment scheduling apps don’t sync with your day to day calendar – often you’ll need to double entry bookings on both the calendar you use for everything and an appointment scheduling calendar. Book Like a Boss solves this issue with the ability to sync with Google Calendar, Apple iCloud, Microsoft Exchange, Office 365 and Outlook. 

Similar to Acuity, Book Like a Boss sends out regular reminder notifications and gives clients the ability to cancel and reschedule meetings from these emails. 

With plenty of integrations available, and an easy to set up system, Book Like a Boss works for those looking for something more than an appointment scheduling tool. 

Meet Fox

Meet Fox gives you the features you need all rolled into one affordable package. Rather than embedding an appointment booking calendar onto your website, Meet Fox gives you a dedicated booking page that is simple to set up, allowing you to get your calendar up online quicker. Like other calendar schedulers, Meet Fox syncs in with your calendars where you can set your available hours. 

Meeting reminders and the automated setting of time zones are two of the biggest features with Meet Fox, meaning that you can meet with clients around the globe at a mutually beneficial time. With a variety of different payment options, the ability to customise your cancellation policies, and automated invoicing, you won’t need to do a lot of hands on work with this tool. 

Whether your client wants to meet virtually or meet in person, Meet Fox lets you schedule in both options. With a free starter account, and affordable advanced accounts, this is certainly a good option to see if an online appointment scheduler works for you.

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