What is a brand?

A brand is a type of product manufactured, or a service provided by a particular company/individual under a particular name.  Also, it is a representation of who you are and what you do as projected and perceived by the public.  A brand is typically identified by a mark, image, slogan, or logo.

What is the importance of a brand?

A brand enables a company/individual to be distinguished from other companies/individuals and easily recognisable to customers.  Additionally, it forms a type of connection with consumers, serving as a visual (logo/picture) and audio (motto/slogan) marketing piece.

What are some components of a brand?

There are several components needed to establish a sustainable and reputable brand.  In this article, we want to explore seven of them- integrity, imaging, quality, distinctiveness, mass appeal, visibility, and effectiveness.


“Honesty is the best policy”.  I love this quote.  It is certainly one that I live by and exemplify in my everyday life.  In business, it is critical to be honest, straightforward, and transparent.  We should not attempt to manipulate or deceive our clients and customers.  Even though some may believe they can get away with it, eventually, it comes back to haunt you.  Our word must be our bond, and our actions should align with what we say.  If we desire to experience success and sustainability, integrity must become a top, mandatory priority, not an optional one.


A brand’s image is composed of its visual representations (logos/pictures) and messages (words, phrases, mottos, and slogans). When people see our visual representations or hear our messages, what comes to their mind?  We want to ensure that we are presenting consistent visuals and messages that align with who we are and what we do.

When there is a discrepancy between the two (visuals/messages), our imaging is affected.  This impacts our credibility and reputation, which are two elements we must protect and uphold.  As a result, we want to spend time perfecting our image because it is critical to the survival of our business.


I am one to believe that if we do quality work, create good products, and render great service, then quantity will come. We should hold ourselves to a standard of excellence.  To do this, we must take pride in our craft by committing ourselves to giving our best consistently.

Once we establish these practices, more customers and sales will automatically be generated because people will flock to top-notch things.  In business, quality is something that cannot be taken lightly.  Manufacturing faulty, inferior products and providing mediocre services will surely lead any company to the path of demise.


What is your spin?  Of course, there are many businesses that provide similar products and/or services as you. However, the question is what makes yours distinct and different?  This concept makes the difference between experiencing success vs. experiencing failure or being good vs. being great.

Notable brands are easily recognisable because of their uniqueness.  They do not attempt to duplicate other brand’s products/services, but they create their own styles and set their own trends.  I always encourage entrepreneurs/business owners to run in their own lanes and flow in their own veins.  This simply means be original.

Mass Appeal

“The world is one”- Every product and service created should be done with this phrase in mind.  What does this mean?  If you are a content creator, service provider, or brand, your creations should be relevant to a global audience.  We must transcend the local, regional, and national markets and tap into the international market.  This is where entrepreneurship and business are headed.  To be on the cutting edge, we must capitalise on a broad audience that includes a wide age range, both genders, and diverse cultures/ethnicities.


Can people support what they do not know exists?  Probably not.  One of the greatest tasks of any brand is to bring awareness to its services and products.  As a matter of fact, most of our time spent as entrepreneurs/business owners will be in expanding our network and reach, so we can gain more visibility, customers, and sales.

This is done through a variety of means, such as marketing, advertising, blogging, word of mouth, social media engagement, emails, podcasts interviews, publication features, websites, and so much more.  The key is getting as much positive attention as we can for our companies.

The more consistent and creative we are with our marketing strategies, the better results we will achieve.  Many companies produce great products and offer wonderful services, but because they do not emphasise marketing, they are never able to upscale or reach their fullest potential.


You can possess integrity.  Your imaging could be great.  Your brand can be different/distinct.  You can have good quality, mass appeal, and high visibility.  But, at the end of the day, do your product(s) and/or service(s) generate tangible results?

Regardless of the previously mentioned elements of branding, if your creations are not making an impact or meeting the needs of others, then your company won’t be able to sustain itself.  Effectiveness is the critical component needed for success and longevity in business.

How do you measure effectiveness?  Of course, sales are a great measuring tool.  In addition, powerful testimonials, positive feedback, customer satisfaction, and increased opportunities/exposure are all signs that you are on the right track and that you have something valuable to offer.