Curiosity may well have “killed the cat”, however, in business if you are not curious your business will stagnate.

It’s very hard not to become “comfortable” in your business when everything is going well and only a little tweaking here and there needs to be done to keep the engine turning.  Do you ever take a moment to reflect and review your procedures, products/services and systems and how they are working for your clients?


Too often we don’t want to disturb the status quo afraid that change may lose clients instead of building upon them or even opening up a whole new market.  Like a pair of well-worn slippers being comfortable in business is a nice feeling, however, how do your clients see you?  Do they use other suppliers for services/products that you could provide but they didn’t know you did or they felt that perhaps you weren’t up to speed with the latest ideas?

As business owners we are all aware of how fast paced the business world has become with the word “disruption” being on the tip of everyone’s tongue.  Become curious with your existing clients, make the time to sit with them and hear about what is happening in their business and identify what new or improved product / service you can supply that will enhance their business and yours.

Ask your clients the following questions:

  • Where are you in your business?
  • What things are urgent or top of mind in your business now?


Involve your team, hold a “curious workshop”, get them to share ideas, make suggestions with no-one saying “No or we’ve done that before and it didn’t work”.  Discuss the points that have been raised by your existing clients.

Being open minded to all suggestions will create an opportunity for free thinking and developing new products / services.  Hire a facilitator to keep the room energised, the ideas flowing and to involve those who don’t want to participate or who are a little shy.


Once you have gathered ideas from your team and have met with your clients, review all the information and identify what you can do.  It’s all about reinventing your business in part (although sometimes it can be in total) and then you and your team mastering the new addition.

Let all your existing clients know through:

  • Direct mail
  • Social Media
  • New Brochure
  • Updated website
  • Email blast
  • Newsletter
  • Discuss at client meetings

You may be shocked to see “direct mail” at the top of the list, very few people are doing it, so your letter will be noticed and even opened as the receiver will be “curious”.


Over time this new addition will become “comfortable” so keep alert and continue to be curious by asking questions:

  • What if…..
  • Why
  • How
  • Who

Become curious, you never know where it will lead you and your business.