Author: Gail Eaton Briggs

How Seizing Catalyst Moments Paves the Way for Success

We all hit roadblocks or face adversity at some point in our careers. But when the most successful people in the world tell their stories, they often describe how a major setback they faced became a catalyst for success. Handling the worst moments in our lives effectively helps us develop and strengthen qualities that can lead to future success. Here are six traits you’ll hone by seizing catalyst moments.

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5 Mindset Hacks to Successfully Juggle Being a Mum & Entrepreneur

Mother’s Day is now behind us (hopefully you enjoyed your seven minutes of fame that day!) and it’s back to business as usual. While it’s no secret that juggling motherhood and running a business is challenging, putting some effort into aligning these two facets of your life can set you up for success. Mumpreneurs share their top mindset hacks for successfully running a business without letting go of your supermum status.

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