Author: Vinay Samuel

Data is not the ‘new oil’ – it’s uranium

When organisations think about their most valuable assets, two are always at the top of the list: trust and data. Without trust, customers will simply not buy your product or service. This is why the Harvard Business Review noted, “If you’re selling a product, you’re now selling trust.”
A significant element of how trust is built and maintained is how data is handled. Data virtualisation gives organisations the capacity to leverage data without increasing their threat surface.

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It’s time to put data science and engineering in the hands of the business

Businesses have always made decisions based on data. But as the volume of data available has grown exponentially, a new discipline has evolved. Yet, faced with burgeoning data volume, variety and velocity, businesses are struggling to gain better insights because their business intelligence and decision support systems are trapped in thinking that was hatched almost four decades ago.

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