As a young manager I was introduced to the GROW model to help with performance reviews and the coaching of my team’s ability.


It is an ultra-simple coaching model, and because of it’s simplicity I had always hunted for more sophisticated tools. I always felt that there were tools out there that high level managers and coaches were using that could propel my people management skills to another level. As I transitioned from lower level management to mid-level management

I never did find anything that was as effective as GROW. By the way, for those unfamiliar, the GROW model is:

1. Goal – establish the objective
2. Reality – where is the person now
3. Options – discuss all actions and tools that can be used to fill the gap between the current reality and the established goal
4. Wrap Up – summarise the discussion with outcomes KPI’s and tasks for all stakeholders

When I further transitioned into a full time coach and facilitator I studied many high level management books, joined talks and webinars delivered by executive coaches, and psychologists that specialise in business management. To my amazement they all used GROW. This was a wow moment for me. A tool such as GROW that I was given in a company HR training many years previously, seems to be one of the most high-impact coaching tools used at all levels of business and is used by some of the best in the business. What a revelation!

The most important message I have for you is that if you are using it, then hone your skills within it to ensure you are maximising your conversations. If you are not using GROW, then start to. It is not only a great foundation to powerful coaching conversations, but also a tool that you can use in the safe knowledge that the best managers and coaches out there rely on this as their number one go-to tool for performance management in their teams.