Did you know that nearly one in five emails gets caught by a spam filter! How common is the question ‘Did you get my email, have you checked your spam or junk folder?’ or worse, crickets when you send an email. This frustration is real when you are starting out in business, building your email list, constructing beautiful email sequences, and they only end up in the spam folder. Learn how to avoid certain spam words in your business emails.

Certain words can trigger the spam blockers and land you in spam jail. Ones that you shouldn’t use within your email subject line and email main body. But, help is here! We’ll take a look at some easy options to help your emails cut-through.

What are spam trigger words?

Normally spam trigger words are keywords or phrases that your email provider will filter, and they see as red flags, which are a bit dodgy. G-mail is probably the easiest example of spam folder working overtime and now with different categories – Primary – Social and Promotions.

Our email providers do their best to protect us and their spam filters, and filter suspicious words and phrases like:

  • Scams
  • Gimmicks
  • Schemes
  • Promises / discounts
  • Free gifts / promotions

Helpful ways to try and avoid the spam folder

Test your email body and subject lines

A great way is to test your email copy and subject line!

Avoiding all spam trigger words is virtually impossible, so try and use spam trigger words in context to your email campaigns, so you can hopefully avoid the pesky spam filters.

Free Online Email Spam Checker Tools

  1. Blogies Tools
  2. Spam Checker
  3. Spam Analyse


To quote Monty Python, ‘Lovely Spam! Wonderful Spam!’, but seriously, breaking through the spam filter for the small business owner is tough and if I can assist in any little way, I will!