Gone are the days of text social media posts. Today, it’s all about the visual.  And while great images are a necessity, more often than not, we see poor quality images, images with text cut off and worse, stock images with watermarks still on them!

So, what can you do about it? Some pointers below for you

  1. Purchase your stock images. And if you’re not keen to spend money on stock images, then check the images for watermarks BEFORE you use it. If it has watermarks, put it back and find something else. You can still source great images from the internet, however be aware that there are copyright laws in place, so tread carefully.
  1. Engage a pro photographer to come into your business for a day and take candid images. You can get a great (and abundant) selection of images that you can trickle feed throughout your social media channels.  The images will also be excellent quality and will showcase your business in a professional way.
  1. If posting to Instagram, it’s important that your image fits within the correct parameters. If it doesn’t, you risk it being cropped and important text cut off. It’s usually best to shoot all your Instagram images in landscape, as portrait images don’t fit so well. (But the opposite is true for Insta Stories – shoot in portrait rather than landscape to optimise it for mobile)