When was the last time you looked at your business social media platform stats? Like REALLY looked at them? Not just a glance to see how many profile visits you got this week (and do a little fist pump when it’s up on last week) but things like – which post had the most click-throughs to your website? Which post had the most engagement? Or who is engaging with your posts?

If you haven’t really given much thought to the insights/stats, then here’s a few reasons why you should devote some time to analysing them.

Uncover your real audience.

You think you know who your target audience are, but do you REALLY know that for sure? By delving into the native reporting on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll be able to see who is actually following, engaging and interacting with your posts. You’ll get a break-down on their demographics such as age, location, gender and more. Does this match up with what you thought?

Be a Detective.

Why did one post get a lot of website click-throughs, but others didn’t? Why did another post bomb miserably with little engagement? By seeing these stats you can start to make changes to your posts. By looking at the posts critically, you can begin to remove the types of posts that aren’t doing well and replace them with the type of posts that ARE doing well.

Competitor Comparison.

How do you think you stack up against your competitors? Facebook has a wonderful function where you can add your competitors to a list ,and it will rank you against them. You’ll be able to see how many posts they put out, what their overall engagement is and how many followers they have. Cool, huh?! Nothing like a bit of competitive spirit to drive you towards those business and social media goals.

Don’t be afraid of insights. Play around on both Facebook, Instagram and any other social media platform your business uses to get familiar with what stats are provided. It may just open your eyes to something you could be doing better!