2020 threw up a lot of challenges for SMEs. And while it was a very tough year it was also an opportunity to reflect and refocus. There were lots of lessons to learn and 2021 is the time to push forward and grow.


  1. Less is more

The economic downturn created by the COVID-19 pandemic means that people are more cautious about spending and investing in the current climate. While customers are often more loyal than we imagine, we need to keep offering strong value in order to retain loyalty and win new customers. Look at what you’re doing, identify your purpose, consolidate your activity around that purpose and stay true to it. Make sure you deliver the highest possible value and serve your customers with obsession.

  1. Gratitude and grit

The world moves quickly and we’re paddling faster than ever before. Take time to reflect. What have you learned about your business and yourself over the last year? What are the things you want to stop doing and what do you want to start doing? What is there in your business that you want less of and what do you want more of? Grit is the determination to keep moving towards your goals and to persevere through challenges. It is critical that you know what matters most so your effort is well directed.

  1. Celebrate to rejuvenate

Look at what you’re doing in your business and celebrate your successes. We’re often so busy working in the business that we don’t take the time to measure and check in on how the business is operating. By celebrating successes you give yourself and your team a chance to recover from the busyness and rejuvenate so you can keep striving to delight your customers.

  1. Discover your undiscovered strengths

Collaboration, planning, innovation, self-awareness and mindful growth are all critical skills you need in order for your business to thrive. Invest energy into understanding what your strengths are – our research found that just 1% of people know and use their strengths at work. And it’s not just your strengths as a business owner. Your entire team will have undiscovered strengths and talents, just waiting for you to use as you thrive in 2021.