Promoting your business on a budget can be an overwhelming task and on that some businesses struggle with.

You start your business, you spend a bunch of money on getting set up, equipment, systems, insurance etc and now you have to market yourself?

Promote Your Business On a Budget

Well, what if I told you there are several ways that you can promote and market your business and your brand without having to break the bank? Without further ado, here are 3 ways that you can promote your business even on a really tight budget.

1. Use Social Media

Social Media adverts are some of the cheapest yet most effective means of getting the word out about your brand and business. In fact, it is deemed to be the most powerful marketing tool there is today. It is no secret that social media platforms have hundreds of millions and even billions of users worldwide. That’s a whole lot of potential customers just waiting to be tapped.

Social media platforms are fantastic ways of engaging potential audience. By posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social networking sites, you can immediately put your brand and business in front of people – and that is without spending a dollar!

If you really want to go at it, then you can also try ad placements. Advertising costs can be really cheap compared to traditional marketing methods, with prices ranging from few dollars a day. In order not to blow your limited budget though, you’re going to have to make sure that you have a solid social media marketing strategy, and if you don’t have one, you can always hire a social media marketing expert for a minimal fee.

2. Build a Website and Blog Away

Building and hosting a website is not as expensive as they once were. With the myriad of free online website building and the cheap price of web hosting, there really is no reason why your business shouldn’t have one. Just make sure that your website is both interesting and interactive, or else all your efforts will be for nothing.

Once you have your business website up and running, it’s time to start building a blog. This is where it gets tricky, because a boring and lifeless blog will not get you anywhere. Thus, be sure to write about things that really interest your target audience – things that will surely catch their attention and engage them. Once you got them hooked, you’ve basically started pulling them towards your business and your brand.

If you don’t feel confident about your writing skills, don’t worry. There are many companies that can provide you with blog posts and content at an affordable price.

3. Referral and Affiliate Partners

Leverage your time more effectively by working with other business owners who have a similar target market to you. Get yourself in front of their audience and answer their questions intelligently. Remember the more you help others in terms of education and openness, the more business you will receive. The same goes for your audience. Does one of you referral partners have a product or service that would interest your audience?

Remember to always think outside the square when it comes to marketing and look at opportunities in all corners.