Author: Jody Milward

How To Create An Invisible Facebook Marketing Funnel With Video

With Facebook recently reaching a milestone of 2 Billion viewers, there is no doubt your potential customers are on Facebook.  12 Million Australians scroll through their newsfeed everyday and spend over an hour a day on the Platform. If you’re not using video as part of your Facebook Marketing strategy, you are missing out on a number of benefits.  Firstly, Facebook favours video, and it especially loves when people go Live, by notifying people who are interested in your page, when you go Live.  You don’t get that kind of free promotion when you do a good ol’ status...

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How to use Facebook Live as part of your marketing strategy

If you are tired of creating Facebook posts that nobody sees (painful isn’t it!) then you NEED to be using video on Facebook and Facebook Live is hot to trot! There is no doubt Facebook loves it. You may have even seen ads for Facebook Live around the place.   Why do you want to use Facebook Live? Like I said, Facebook loves Facebook Live and they’re going to reward you for going Live on Facebook by pushing your livestream out into people’s newsfeeds. People are likely to watch your Live stream videos three times longer than just a...

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