How many passwords do you have? How many times do you reset those passwords because you have forgotten them? Unsurprisingly it is common, and plenty of people spend far too much time resetting passwords over and over.

LastPass takes away the hassle of remembering all your passwords – you only need to remember one. LastPass is a secure password manager that saves, stores and organises all your login and password details into an encrypted vault. You can log in from any device as long as you remember your master login details.

Sharing Passwords with No Fuss

Something many business owners find is that too many people have access to company software. When they have the login details, they can access the software anywhere and can easily pass those login details on. LastPass stops this from happening – as a business owner you can share usernames and passwords without other people being aware of what they are. They cannot share them, and because they are encrypted, they cannot access the details.

How Does LastPass Work?

There are two ways to access LastPass – as a browser extension or saved onto your device.

Access on your device is really simple – just download the app, login with your master details and you are ready to start using your software and programs whether you are working from the office, from home or anywhere in the world.  Your account is backed up and synced across all devices so you can access it in the office on your tablet, and at home on your phone or however you’d like to.

Getting started with LastPass on a web browser is just as easy – download the extension, create a strong master password, and you are ready to go. Every time you log into your email, your graphic design software, your website backend or any other program you use, you can automatically add your login details to the LastPass vault.

The great thing about LastPass is that most small business owners can get away with a free single user account and have everything stored together. For those that need a little more, business plans start at as little at $4.50 per month making this an affordable yet secure password storage system.

Forget wasting time resetting your password each time you forget it. LastPass gives you the access you need without writing down your login details.

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