Everyone’s always talking about blogs. They’ve been around for years and for most of us, we think of blogs as something people do for fun or because they’re bored. You know, blogging about shoes or running or other hobbies that people are passionate about?!

But, what about blogging for business? If you think about blogging more strategically, it could be one of the best things you do for your business. Why? Read on!

  1. Trust me. When you blog for business, you start to create a name for yourself as the go-to person for ‘insurance/fitness/bookkeeping’ etc. Over time, the more value you provide in your blog posts, the more likely your audience will grow and begin to trust you.
  2. Visit my website please! You’ve created a blog post – now what? Well, search engines actually read blogs, so the more you post, the more Google learns what your website is about. That way they know if they can return any of your blog posts/website pages to users performing specific searches. For example, if you’ve written a blog about how many times you should post on your social media platforms, if someone enters that search query into Google, your blog will appear.
  3. More peeps, more leads. The more people you can get onto your website, the more chance that they will become leads. True story! Potential customers read blogs to find relevant and helpful industry content. To turn those potential customers into leads, ensure you have a strong call to action at the bottom of each of your blog posts.

If the above 3 points haven’t sold you on why you should be blogging for your business, then maybe this will…. Once you make your blog LIVE on your website, it’s out there forever. That means it will bring in new website traffic and new leads, forever. Who doesn’t love a blog that keeps working hard on behalf of your biz. We do!