In today’s click-to-order world it’s essential for companies to be able to sell via a website or e-commerce platform and ship their products to customers. However, while this might be simple with small, sturdy products, the challenge for many is to get them to the customer intact and in perfect order.

Enter the solution of custom-made packaging boxes. A solution that can be created to ship pretty much any item safely. But safety in transit aside, such a bespoke approach comes with other major benefits that businesses might not be aware of.

Read on to discover the extraordinary shipping and marketing advantages that innovative custom packaging solutions can bring…

Maximum protection:

The most obvious reason for working with a packaging supplier is that of protecting items in transit. Pretty much any item, of any shape or size, can be adequately protected to withstand transportation to arrive in pristine condition at its intended location.

Depending on the fragility of the item/s there are a variety of options available. These might include double layered packaging, the use of airbags, poly-bubble, packing peanuts, cardboard or double-lined paper bags to name but a few. The key to the ultimate in bespoke packaging is that the provider understands the individual needs of a company and defines exactly what’s necessary to ensure safe delivery.

Brand building:

Extensive efforts are put into company marketing. However, as any business owner knows all too well, such endeavours only ever resonate with a small percentage of their target. However… There’s one massive advantage of packaging – it reaches every single consumer you send to.

Most people are well-used to receiving the practical, but boring, brown paper box containing their purchase. It’s ripped open without a second thought. But dial up that experience with packaging that conveys your company brand and message, and you’ve instantly associated with your customer. The key here is recognition – to stand out and create a subliminal connection between the look of the packaging, the company that provided it and the knock-on effect of an increased likelihood for making future purchases.

Powerful stuff, huh…?

Send your company message:

Bespoke packaging goes way further than simply cradling their contents. Innovative use of colour, logos, text and more can deliver the ethos behind your brand and speak to customers on a personal level. Some companies have successfully utilised shipping boxes that consumers keep for storage. Such a strategy is a marketer’s dream, as they’ve successfully installed an ongoing advertising medium within the home that serves as a constant reminder to keep the company in the forefront of a customer’s mind.

Protect the environment:

Packaging is a commodity, and the creation of various solutions that might reduce the use of packing materials is a great sales message to pass onto customers. Perhaps your company can repurpose products into packaging? Or maybe you want to communicate the elements of the packing that can be recycled? Both are powerful marketing messages in a world that’s becoming more ecologically aware as every week passes.

Custom packaging via e-commerce:

For those who sell via popular sales platforms that fulfill orders on their behalf, it’s still well worth considering how your company can take advantage of bespoke packaging. Sure, Amazon et al. will put your product in their own brown box with branded tape. But when the customer opens this and sees your custom-packaged article within, then you continue to benefit from all the above aspects.

The key to purpose-made packaging is that it serves a dual purpose – that of protection in transit AND a method of brand building and customer awareness at the sharp end of receipt.