Author: David Hill

10 Tax Traps Your Startup Needs to Avoid

In the excitement and flurry of launching your first startup, getting on top of taxes can be a steep learning curve. However, if you do it successfully, turning your ideas into reality will be that much sweeter. It’s safe to say that taxation is a tricky piece of the puzzle. And making the wrong moves can be all too easy. To make sure you’re properly prepared, here are 10 mistakes you’ll need to avoid. Going in blind Financially speaking, starting a business is a huge thing. Naturally, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. So before you dive...

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A Guide to Cyber Insurance for Small Businesses

Cyber crime is estimated to be costing Australian businesses around AUD $4.5 billion a year, with this figure expected to grow exponentially as more organisations start doing business online. And small businesses are just as much a target as large corporations, with cyber criminals attacking any site or server where sensitive information is stored and a weakness can be found. So regardless of the size of your business, the bottom line is that at some stage you are going to experience a security breach, and if the experts are to be believed, it may already have occurred without your...

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