Author: Rony Chiha

How to effectively use trending topics to your advantage on social media

If you’re running a modern business then social media should already be a huge part of your strategy. You should already be engaging your audience and potential customers with fresh, innovative and relevant content. But what if your social media feeds are feeling a little stale? Trending topics have revolutionised the way content is accessed as the most discussed topics on any given platform are given prominence. Essentially they show you what people are already talking about and can be adapted to location. Trending topics is where you should look to get inspiration for your next social media conversation....

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How to tell your brand’s story on social media

The concept of brand storytelling is to create a connection with consumers through marketing, by linking personality and emotion with a brand. With social media becoming an evermore-prevalent form of contact with online consumers, it’s the ideal channel to build the story behind the brand, with targeted content and consistent advertising. By developing visual narratives with impact, combined with live experiences, brands can efficiently deliver their story through social media, which helps to grow an engaged online community. To assist you with socialising your brand to connect with your consumer audience, here are tips on what to do, as well as what to avoid, when building your narrative. Promote images that are powerful and personalise your brand As the famous English idiom highlights, “a picture is worth a thousand words” is exactly what makes images so important on social media. Images are the first thing that capture your online consumers’ attention, so use powerful images to take them on a visual journey that identifies your brand’s story. Some tips for choosing images for you social platforms: • Try to source original images to personalise your brand’s narrative • Ensure your images are the right specifications and resolution for the social media platforms these will be published on • While hashtags are a great way to link visual content, don’t add one unless it connects your brand with consumers Try...

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Deciding on your Marketing Budget

Do you know you should be marketing your business to an audience but are overwhelmed and unsure where to begin? One of the first things you will need to consider is how much to spend. Once you have your budget determined, you can look at tailoring different marketing strategies in a way that you will be able to afford. But how do you determine this marketing budget? We’ve come up with a brief guide below to help you do just that: Consider where you are in the growth cycle Are you a new business just starting out? Or an...

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5 reasons brands should have animations in their social media marketing strategy

Think animations only belong on TV ads? You’re wrong. With newsfeeds continually saturated with images and advertising from brands, it takes something particularly engaging to stop your customer’s continuous scroll and take in everything you are trying to convey. Instead of hard-sell posts, your followers are looking to be entertained; in short, they want more value from following you. This is where integrating animations into your social media strategy can make your posts far more memorable than those from your competitors. Animations are highly engaging Simply, animations are fun and people like watching them! Animations are one of the...

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