Author: Rony Chiha

Why your Business needs a custom built website, not a template!

It’s almost certainly not necessary to convince any business operator in 2018 about the importance of a website. Put simply, your customers are online, websites never sleep, it’s no longer difficult or expensive to have a great internet presence, and it’s the perfect way to polish your brand, image and reputation and connect with the world. So if you’ve made that decision to create a website for your business, the very next question you’ll be answering is a simple choice: custom, or template? Before you make that call, it’s important to think deeply about exactly what you need from...

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Amazon Australia: How to Get Your Business Ready for The Takeover

Amazon coming to Australia has been a hot topic over the last 12 months. Some businesses have feared the perceived competition whilst others have focused on using the online marketplace to their advantage. Whichever way you feel about Amazon hitting Aussie shores, ready or not, here it comes. The most significant change that Amazon will bring to the retail industry is the impact to customer expectation. Businesses around the country have already started to adapt to the changing landscape by emulating Amazon’s most profitable feature – customer engagement. Here’s three ways that you can use the arrival of Amazon...

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Unlock the Key to SMM Success in 2018

If you want your company to be noticed out there in the big wide world, then mastering the art of social media marketing isn’t just handy – it’s essential! Simply having a presence on social media and posting regularly isn’t going to magically help your cause though! The key? Shareable content. These days our lives are so full and our spare time so limited, yet we still have a propensity to let our personal networks know about anything we love, meaning we’re attracted to eye-catching, bite-sized and clever pieces of marketing. Modern marketers know the skill lies in both...

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Facebook ads – which is best for your business?

We live in the age of digital marketing and the internet is awash with advertising options that promise greater returns than you’ve ever seen, but which is the best one for your business? Here we take a closer look at two of them, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and Facebook advertising, holding them up to the light to see what each one offers. To begin by expressing the difference between the two in the simplest possible form, Facebook advertising helps you find potential customers and pay-per-click helps them find you. What is pay-per-click advertising? Pay-per-click, broadly known as PPC, is a...

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The Day Off – The most important day in Business

Historically Western culture had a built in day off – Sunday. Everyone took Sunday off and perhaps they were mentally healthier for it. In today’s ‘always on’ society however, taking a day off is not as simple as it sounds. We’re always connected to the office or are constantly trying to catch up with all the things we haven’t managed to do in the week so our weekends are rarely restful. It’s not unusual for people to work 14-hour days, take few holidays and sacrifice what little social life they have for work. And the problem for the modern...

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