Author: Kim Lambert

5 Ways to Improve Your Writing

These days, you can’t do anything in business without doing some writing. Even if it’s only creating invoices and quotes, we all still need to write. And for most of us, it’s a lot more than that – we write emails, website content, blog posts, FAQs, procedures and process instructions, Facebook posts, twitter quotes and a whole lot more.  Yet very few of us were ever taught much about writing and, just as likely, we hated doing essays at school. So – how can you improve your writing, so that all that stuff you need to create is good,...

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6 Ways to Use a Book to Boost Your Business

You know your business area really well. Your expertise is well respected, by your friends and your customers. For years, you’ve been getting into conversations about your area of expertise, both at work and in your personal time, to the point where, now, if someone new asks you a question about it, everyone around you says “Noooo! Don’t ask him/her that, we’ll never shut him/her up!” These same people have said to you, multiple times over the years, “Mate, you know so much about XXX, you should write a book about it!” So now you’ve gone and done it –...

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What You Write on Your Website and Brochures is Losing You Clients

Did that headline make you stop and think? Are you wondering, right now, what on earth I mean? If so, good! Let me explain. In this digitally enabled world, we usually meet people in a ‘not in person’ way, long before we ever see them face to face.  We meet them first by them coming to our website, by them reading our brochure (online, or on paper), in email, by messenger, in a post on our Facebook page etc, etc – the list of ways is endless.  All of those ‘not in person’ ways have one thing in common...

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How to Find Topics For Your Blog Posts

OK, they said, you need a blog, and you need to post things a lot – like more than once a week, if you can. So, that was all good for a few weeks, but now…. now you sit down to write, and stare at the blank space on the screen and have no ideas at all. Believe it or not, it is possible to find something to write about, week after week, without tearing your hair out. Here are 5 things to remember about writing good blog posts, and 5 good places to find ideas to write about....

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Why You Should Write a Book

Have you ever looked at a promotion for an author’s new book, and thought ‘I wish I could do that’? When you see a business person who has a published book, does it give you more confidence in dealing with them? More confidence that they really know what they are talking about? It’s highly likely that you answered yes to all of those questions. And you’re not alone in that! But…… it’s also highly likely that your next thought was ‘I could never do that’ or ‘No-one would read a book by me’. Let me assure you, right here...

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